The Challenge of Lionfish

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Lionfish invaded The Bahamas in about 2005 and researchers noticed in 2007 that there was a population explosion of this invasive species. Native to the Indian and Pacific oceans, lionfish have continued to spread throughout the Caribbean and The Bahamas has been one of the hardest hit countries. Lionfish out-eat and out-breed other marine species in The Bahamas, which is effecting the health of local marine animal populations.

In response to this growing population of invaders, Atlantis, Paradise Island’s Chef José Andrés,
a fisherman and avid diver, is committed to hunting this invasive species using a spear, so that he can help coral reefs and the local marine life continue to flourish. He is determined to position this fish, once only known as an Asian delicacy, as a true culinary experience. This dish helps Bahamian waters in more than one way. A portion of the cost of this offering goes directly to the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation to assist in its work to save some of the ocean’s most special species and the places that they call home.