BMMRO Quarterly Progress Report – May 2018

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Task: Stranding Response Readiness
The young male manatee known from Florida who has been named “Manny” and who was
rehabilitated at Atlantis’ Dolphin Cay was released to Eleuthera on 9 th January in a collaborative
effort between BMMRO, Atlantis’ Dolphin Cay, the Department of Marine Resources and the
US Geological Survey Sirenia Project. BMMRO carried out on-site tracking through January
18 th . Shortly after this the weak point on the tag tether broke and the tag was recovered and he
was re-tagged by BMMRO on February 6 th . He has remained in the North Eleuthera area with the
most recent sighting reported on April 24 th , however he is again without his tag, although this has
been recovered. He does have a new boat strike injury although this is a superficial wound.
A known adult male manatee (Randy) was seen in Sandy Point, Abaco this morning (May 1 st ).
He has one deep laceration on his right side anterior to his paddle (Figure 1) and another smaller
one on his head. Both are healing but there is some swelling. Because of the location of the
laceration it is believed he will recover, but BMMRO will continue to monitor him.

Task: Manatee Monitoring
BMMRO continued monitoring the status of manatees throughout the Bahamas via social media
and opportunistic field work. During the period, at least five different animals were documented.