Long Time, No Sea

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Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are a vital tool for sustaining the Bahamian marine environment for generations to come. The Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) brought together local celebrities – Sawyerboy, Dyson and Wendi Knight, Trueranda Cox, André Musgrove, Kareem Mortimer, Willis Knowles and Keith Carroll- to encourage people to sign a petition for Marine Protected Areas.

Playing your part is simple. Like and share the video on Facebook and sign the petition! You can also share the video by copying and pasting this link:


You can sign the petition here:


Bahamas Protected is a three-year initiative underway by The Nature Conservancy, The Bahamas National Trust and BREEF to effectively manage and expand the Bahamian marine protected areas (MPA) network.  It aims to support the Government of The Bahamas in meeting its commitment to the Caribbean Challenge Initiative (CCI); a regional agenda where 11 Caribbean countries have committed to protect 20 percent of their marine and coastal habitat by 2020. CCI countries have also pledged to provide sustainable financing for effective management of MPAs.