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Coral Reefs play a critical role in protecting and sustaining our way of life! 

The Bahamas like many places in the Caribbean are threatened by tropical storms and hurricanes that are associated with high winds and intense wave action. To help reduce the degree of impact to our coastline, reefs act as a natural buffer lessening  wave intensity. Additionally coral reefs provide shelter for many diverse marine species as well as support human livelihoods.  For example important commercial fisheries such as groupers, snappers and spiny lobsters occupy crevices within reefs and rely on this habitat for shelter. These three species alone contribute more than 65 million dollars to The Bahamas fishing industry. Thus the health of our reefs and other marine habitats play a vital part in maintaining our economy, culture and food security.

To learn about the state of The Bahamas coral reefs and, what we can do to  help maintain and restore these habitats visit,

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