SECORE Workshop 2017

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In May 2017, The Perry Institute for Marine Science joined coral restoration scientists and practitioners from around the region at the CARMABI Marine Research Station on Curacao for the launch of the Global Coral Restoration Project. This is a global initiative led by our partners at SECORE international and The Nature Conservancy.  The workshop featured advanced methods being used for reef restoration, including growing corals from eggs and the use of microfragments from corals to restore threatened and endangered corals to reefs.  These experimental techniques hold promise for restoring coral populations to key areas to accelerate their recovery following various impacts such as bleaching events, disease outbreaks, vessel groundings and other sources of coral loss. The Perry Institute will be using both techniques, in addition to in water coral nurseries to help Reverse the Decline of Coral Reefs in The Bahamas. Check back for more information on how we are using these techniques to help Bahamian coral reefs recover.