BNT Navigator Leader Emerges as Finalist in the 2019 Trendsetters Awards

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Gail Strachan, Navigator Leader at R.M. Bailey High School on Nassau surfaced as a finalist in the 2019 BNT Discovery Club Trendsetters Awards. The Trendsetters Awards recognizes individuals who demonstrate exemplary leadership and innovation in environmental education.

The truly incredible and inspiring 10 finalists this year were a diverse group of people representing four different islands.

A veteran public-school educator of 30 years, Gail has been with the Navigator program since 2014. She expressed her greatest joy as “seeing the children excited about learning Bahamian Ecosystems and developing an interest in preserving and conserving them”.

“I also appreciate it when the students take their projects seriously the actively participate in them, putting their best effort into completing them”, she said.

Gail was recognized during the awards for instilling great leadership principles in her students. Particular noted was made of a school garden project her Navigator members stewarded this past school year using the “Stone Soup” method of drumming up support. With no funding, they contributed what they could personally from their lunch allowance and inspired others to donate. The result was the taming of a good portion of their school’s premise into a thriving vegetable garden. They used the garden project as a platform to encourage their peers to lead healthier lifestyles.

Gail describes her “Most Memorable Navigator Moment” as a bonefishing expedition off from Rose Island, a nearby cay. The experience which was facilitated by a parent from her Navigator Club introduced her club to the “Catch and Release” method of fishing.  Gail beamed as she described learning how to use the rods and the great leadership demonstrated by Jonathan her club member whose parent was hosting them.