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Great efforts are being done to help restore the world’s fisheries as the demand for seafood continues to grow!

50in10 is a bold initiative that aims to restore 50% of the world’s fisheries in the next ten years. To achieve this, a holistic system approach is being taken. This includes addressing gaps at each level throughout the fishery structure. Areas that are being focused on include community empowerment, policy reform, market demand and credible science. For this effort to be successfully advanced various stakeholders must be involved. Therefore a diverse group or persons  (i.e. NGOs, business, governments, public and private sectors, etc) are working collectively.

The 50in10 network provides support to various fishery projects (called prototypes) around the world that is expected to be scaled up or replicated in a manner that will allow a rapid change. In January 2016, 50in10 held a meeting in Belize City where NGOs, government representatives, researchers, fishers and fishing cooperatives assembled to discuss approaches that can help to advance sustainable fisheries globally. At the meeting the 50in10 network allowed countries that were selected as prototypes such as South Africa, Belize, Vietnam and Mexico to demonstrate the progress made and challenges experienced to date. With support from the 50in10 network, traction has been made and lessons have been learnt which will help guide future fishery projects.

The 50in10 meeting was very productive and provided a platform for ideas and successes to be shared among the meeting attendees. The buck does not stop here! The meeting was just the beginning of a longstanding relationship for the attendees to align their efforts, leverage what has been learnt and ensure productive implementation takes place on the ground. 

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