Stranding Response to Support Conservation of Marine Mammals in The Bahamas

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Since Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation  (BMMRO) last Blog, no reports were received of marine mammal strandings in the Bahamas. BMMRO continued development of the Bahamas Marine Mammal Stranding Network to be better prepared in the effect of a stranding. To this end, BMMRO contracted Felice Knowles as the Bahamas Stranding Co-ordinator. Her work includes organising the Stranding Workshop in Nassau (rescheduled for January 29-30, 2015); compiling an inventory and replenishing, where necessary, all stranding kits throughout the Bahamas; updating the contact information for Stranding Network members; and giving a short refresher course in stranding response on each island visited. BMMRO anticipate that Felice’s contribution will greatly advance the effectiveness of the Stranding Network throughout the country and will also help to increase awareness of marine mammals.