Sea Turtle Internship Expedition II

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By Portia Sweeting

The Bahamas National Trust is facilitating a Sea Turtle Research expedition around Spanish Wells Eleuthera, Abaco and Grand Bahama. The interns participating in the expedition are being led by researcher Connett. They learned  introductory boat skills and tasked with surveying and tagging sea turtles around the islands mentioned previously. The weather conditions are a big factor as to whether they will remain at the sites for a lengthy period of time. So far the group successfully tagged 8 Green Turtles. The process involves measuring the turtle’s length and width, weighing, recording the place & time of the capture and finally implanting an Identification tag. Surveys are being done from a 19’ Spanish Wells Marine skiff which is being towed behind FOXY LADY the live aboard vessel.  To make a successful capture, the team would first follow the turtle by boat for a lengthy period of time until the turtle’s speed is reduced and surfaces for air.  At that point is when one of the interns or the lead researcher would enter the water, and capture the turtle. This technique has been used by many researchers and has proven to be a safe method for both personnel and sea turtles…. 

Currently the team is anchored off Meeks Patch (south of Spanish Wells) where they are relaxing after a hard day’s work!.

More updates on this trip is yet to come!