Next Generation Scientists

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The Navigators Program is under the Discovery Club umbrella of The Bahamas National Trust (BNT). The purpose of the program is to equip it members with invaluable knowledge and skills which will prepare them for their tertiary studies as well as future career paths. Although this program is especially geared for young people interested in a science based careers, it is not limited to only those individuals. Any high school student who simply enjoy being outdoors or intends to venture into ecotourism may also benefit from the skills learned during the navigators program.

The 36 -weeks marine program is separated into 3 levels that builds in intensity and scope. The program is structured so students get both in and outdoor learning experiences. Each field trip involves a research based activity typically in a national park. BNT will use the data to help monitor environmental changes in National Parks

This summer Navigator members  participated in a Navigator’s camp which allowed them to survey coral reefs around New Providence. Participants also completed the BNT skin-diver’s certification course that aligns with PADI standards.