Saving sea species and their extraordinary habitats.

The Bahamas and Surrounding Caribbean Seas

Scientific Research

Through scientific research, Blue Project is able to further its conservation efforts and enhance its knowledge of the various marine habitats they encounter.


Millions of unique marine species roam our seas. Despite the increasing challenges they face because of pollution, overfishing, and climate change, many populations in The Bahamas thrive due to the efforts of a cadre of conservation partners dedicated to protecting them.

Community Outreach

Blue Project works on various community outreach programs in an effort to connect the organization’s ideas with the community and spread the knowledge and importance of their mission.

By protecting the waters and its vasT Marine wildlife, we ensure that The Bahamas remains a haven for a myriad of one-of-a-kind, rare and endangered species for generations to come.

Marine Life


These little animals form the largest living organism in the ocean, including the world’s third-largest fringing barrier reef.


Swimming the seas for over 110 million years, these migrating marvels travel thousands of miles a year.


Relatives of the shark, these carnivorous creatures inhabit most ocean waters.


These graceful grazers live languidly in coastal waterways and rivers.


This hunter is one of the most hunted animals in our oceans.


Smart and social with complex cultures, dolphins continue to surprise and amaze us.

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