What We Are Doing

Atlantis is also actively breeding and releasing the endangered green sea turtle. Over 700 hatchlings have been returned to the ocean to date that will help increase wild populations.

Tour de Turtles is a fun, educational experience focusing on the migration of multiple sea turtle species using satellite telemetry. This sea turtle marathon migration starts at their nesting beaches and ends when they reach their foraging grounds: a trek that usually takes about three months.

Fans can follow the turtles’ migrations online at, cheering on their favorite competitor and learning about threats sea turtles face. These threatened and endangered competitors swim with the goal of being the turtle to swim the furthest distance during the contest. Similar to many people who run marathons, each Tour de Turtles competitor is swimming to raise awareness about a particular cause. The Causes Challenge raises an understanding about threats to sea turtles such as boat strikes or marine pollution.

Sea Turtle Conservancy will kick off its seventh annual Tour de Turtles with a live sea turtle release this summer. You can get involved by supporting a turtle to help raise awareness about the challenges they face. While we may not know the outcome of the race, one thing is certain: saving sea turtles is a marathon, not a sprint!