How You Can Help

Become a member of one of our conservation partners and join them in important activities that include beach cleanups, community outreach programs, and educating the next generation about the importance of corals and how to ensure their survival.


Every Day

You can help protect reefs by reducing, reusing, and recycling; disposing of fishing line and pet waste properly; buying biodegradable detergents and soaps; purchasing seafood wisely; avoiding the purchase of items made of coral or shells; and picking up and properly disposing of litter from beaches.

Get Involved

Coral is still frequently sold in gift shops in jewelry and as a high-end home decorative item. If you see coral sold in a shop you frequent or visit, ask that they discontinue its use. Stores such as Tiffany’s no longer carry coral items.


The most important thing you can do to help protect coral reefs is to invest in their future. Support the work of Atlantis Blue Project, which funds conservation, research, and education projects throughout The Bahamas.