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“Conch Gone” Video Launch

"Conch Gone" Music Video Release

Under the direction of Lavado Stubbs from Conchboy Films and a superstar line up of Bahamian artists, Bahamas National Trust launched their “Conch Gone” music video in support of the Conchservation Campaign.  This campaign seeks to promote a sustainable conch fishery and was born from the concerns of fishermen and scientists who noticed that previously Conch beds were dramatically declining throughout The Bahamas. In Florida, conch harvesting was banned more than a quarter century ago and the population has still not recovered. The Conchservation Campaign aims to prevent this from happening in The Bahamas!

To view the video, visit “Conch Gone” Music Video . To sign the petition go to

Meet Our Blogger - Vanessa Haley-Benjamin

Perry Institute for Marine Science

Vanessa Haley-Benjamin is a marine biologist whose professional career is focused on protecting the Bahamian environment through cutting edge research, natural resource management and more recently environmental policy and advocacy. Mrs. Haley-Benjamin received her Bachelor’s of Science in Marine Biology from The College of Charleston and her Masters of Science in Biological Sciences from Florida International University. She is a lecturer at the University of The Bahamas and currently a PhD candidate with research interest in developing effective climate change adaptation strategies for small island nations.