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Bahamian Researchers and Consultants Explore Coral Reefs on Andros Island, Bahamas

From March 22-31, 2015 Craig Dahlgren led a team of Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment (AGRRA) ecological researchers aboard the Coral Reef II operated by the Shedd Aquarium along the east coast of Andros. The areas being studied included the Andros Barrier reef and sites within the North and South Marine Park. The team of researchers included persons from The Nature Conservancy, BREEF, The Bahamas National Trust, Shedd Aquarium, consultant Sandra Voegeli and the team lead, Dr. Craig Dahlgren. Documented were various types of corals, fish, algae and benthic habitats. The team viewed various species of juvenile and adult Groupers, Snappers, Parrotfish and other types of finfish. Also identified were different kinds of corals including brain,  star and mustard hill corals which were still in fairly good condition.  The team expects to do a follow up assessment between August and the end of September 2015 to shallower areas along the east coast of Andros that were not able to be fully accessed during the March research trip.

Stay tuned for updates and results of this work!

Meet Our Blogger - Felicity Burrows

The Nature Conservancy

Felicity Burrows works as the Marine Conservation Specialist for The Nature Conservancy, Northern Caribbean Program, and is the Atlantis Blue Project Coordinator. Ms. Burrows collaborates with conservation partners, government agencies, and local communities to identify priority conservation areas, assist with the development of strategies to manage, protect, and restore The Bahamas’ marine resources, and promote sustainable use of our natural resources. She also works with partners and community members to develop outreach and education techniques that inform and promote the importance of our marine environment as well as emphasize threats to our natural resources.